Can you imagine a perfect collection to go to the gym and take a walk at the same time? Well, yes, we do. Our new Athleisure or sports collection for girls has arrived, so you can go to the gym and do sport in all the style of the world or go out in the street with a more casual touch. A fresh and fun collection, with flower prints and daring colour combinations. Comfortable and stylish garments. You will find t-shirts, skirts-shorts (yes, as you hear), bikers, jackets... Combine them as you like!

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Stylish sportswear

Yes, our new Athleisure collection has arrived. And you're probably wondering... What's this Athleisure thing? And that's what we thought when we saw it for the first time on a trend trip... It's a collection of sportswear but with a special touch and style, perfect for going out and doing sports with all the glamour in the world and perfect for going out for a walk with a casual look. And we have prepared this sports collection for girls with 100% boboli garments, combining fuchsia, fluorescent green and navy blue colours. Above all, don't miss out on the colour. There are jackets, T-shirts, tops, bikers and even a skirt-short. Impossible to resist. A sports collection for girls with personality and style.  Shhh, a secret!... if you don't feel like wearing a totally sporty look, try combining Athleisure garments with any of our collection items. A very comfortable plush pant? A color legging? A daring T-shirt?