The sports collection most awaited by all children is arriving! The perfect collection to do sport in the gym or go out in style! Comfortable garments, sportswear but with a casual touch, perfectly combinable with any street wear. A collection of sportswear with a modern style, touches of fluorine and daring combinations of blues and greens. Let's jump!

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Sportswear with a casual look

It's here! It's here! The... the new Athleisure collection! You know what the best thing about this collection is? That is a collection of sportswear for children with a touch of special style to wear on any occasion ... For the gym, for the street, to buy, to read, to play ... Yes, it removes the mental image of the "boring track suit" you had in your mind. Erase it. Style arrives, colour arrives, a trendy sports collection arrives. Finally.
Let the kids play and have fun with maximum freedom. You'll find technical fabric jackets that are easy to match with any T-shirt, Bermuda shorts or pants. And our collection breathes 100% Boboli DNA. Colour, lots of colour. Fluoride green, combined with white and navy blue. Moreover, it is a collection that can be perfectly combined with any other casual garment, daring T-shirts, jeans and Bermuda shorts in full colour. Impossible to miss! Impossible to abstain!