Discover a new family member with Abril

When a new baby arrives at home, expect huge changes.

Especially from sisters and brothers, that overnight will see how their kingdom is under risk.

Abril is the daughter of Bito, photographer y Clara, and sister of Teo and Lucas.

She will share with us a slice of their lives, and help us to have an inside look on The Cels, and their new family member: Oliver.

A new baby can be funny, smelly, annoying and great all together.

Because they need so much care, mom and dad will be busy making sure the baby gets the rest, food, clean diapers, and love he or she needs.

But just because your parents are busy with the baby doesn't mean they love you any less — they just love the baby too.

You can help with the bath which is a relaxing and sometimes funny moment. And if the baby is cranky, you can work your magic by smiling at the baby and trying to cheer him/ her up. You could even read the baby a book.

Before you know it, that little bundle will sit up, crawl, walk, run, and even play hide-and-seek with you. In other words, this baby just might grow up to be a lifetime pal.