How can I look after my boboli garments optimally?

If you want your boboli garments to look new after using and reusing them time and again, follow these simple indications:

Before washing and/or ironing the garments, read the washing instructions carefully. Each garment is made of one or several distinct fabrics that require different types of care.

We know children are experts at staining clothes because they naturally want to experiment and discover the world around them. Don’t worry; stains can be removed. However, you must  “attack” them as fast as possible. The more time that elapses the more difficult it will be to have the garment looking as it initially did.

Wash coloured garments inside out for colours to fade less. Never wash white clothes together with coloured ones to avoid the colours running and your whites will gleam for longer.

When garments come with a hanger, we recommend you always keep the said garments hanging.