Forms of payment

What are the available forms of payment?

Currently, the available forms are with a VISA/MASTER CARD credit or debit card, PayPal or Gift Card.

I have a gift card; how do I use it?

When you have a gift card, enter the 12-digit code in the last step of the buying process where it says GIFT CARD. It will not expire, so you can use it until you finish the balance.

I have a gift card; what happens if I return an item or cancel my order?

Refunds are made using the same payment method; thus, the amount will be returned to the card or, in its absence, you will be given a voucher.

What is a gift ticket?

A gift ticket enables you to send an order to whoever you want without the price appearing on it, as well as add a personal message.

Is it safe to pay through the web page?

We use a trusted payment platform in which all transactions are managed in a secure environment.

Can I shop by telephone?

Orders cannot be placed by phone. All purchases must be done online. If you call us, we will guide and help you during the buying process.

When will I be charged for the order?

You will be charged the instant you finalise the order.

Can I get a copy of the bill?

You can download a copy of the bill in the section MY ACCOUNT/MY ORDERS

Is it necessary to be registered to make online purchase?

It is not necessary to be registered to buy something online. Once you are in the shopping cart, select the ORDER AS GUEST option. Bear in mind that purchases made as a guest do not benefit from the advantages of belonging to the boboli Club.