Promotions and discount codes

What are the advantages of belonging to the boboli Club?

Belonging to the boboli Club pays off! Register and we will give you a welcome gift with your first purchase.

In addition, we will send you a 10% discount voucher each year for the birthday/s of your child/children, gift you a 5% discount voucher every six months for undiscounted purchases, plus you will enjoy exclusive promotions.

When will I receive my welcome gift?

We will give you the welcome gift with your first purchase in boboli once you are registered in our website and belong to the boboli Club.

Do you have a special boboli Club membership card?

We don’t have a special membership card in boboli. Simply identify yourself with the email address you used to register to enjoy the advantages of the Club.

I have a discount coupon, where and how do I use it?

If you want to place your order via the website, just write the code in the first step of the process in the DO YOU HAVE A PROMOTIONAL CODE box. Once entered, the discount will be applied to your order automatically.

Vouchers can be used only once and have a specific expiry date.

What do I do if my promotional code does not work?

Check if it has been entered correctly, leaving no spaces before or after.

If your code is made up only of digits, without any letter, it might be a gift card code that must be entered in the final step of the buying process where it says GIFT CARD.

If it still doesn’t work, contact us via email at, indicating the promotional code so that we can revise it and resolve your petition at the earliest.

Where can I acquire a Gift Card?

You can acquire a gift card in our online store, through the following link.

Where can I use a Gift Card?

You can use a gift card in any of our boboli stores (in Spain) or in our online store.

Can I use a Gift Card in a country different from the one it was acquired in?

No, the Gift Card can be used only in stores (located in Spain) and in the boboli website of the country of issue.

How do I use a gift card in the online store?

If you have a gift card, enter the 12-digit code in the final step of the buying process where it says GIFT CARD. It does not expire, so use it until you finish the balance.

Can I recharge a gift card?

No, the sum available is only the initial amount placed in it.

How can I know the balance of my gift card?

You can consult the balance of your gift card as well as your valid vouchers by signing in with your username and password, going to MY ACCOUNT, and in this section to VOUCHERS-GIFT CARD.

Why could my Gift Card be rejected?

Your Gift Card could be rejected for one of the following reasons: you do not have any balance left in it or some data has been entered incorrectly. Check you have filled in all the required boxes correctly.

Can I return a Gift Card?

No. The balance of the card will not be refunded or exchanged for cash.

Will my gift card expire?

No. Gift cards do not have an expiry date.

Birthday bonus; when will I receive it? How can I use it?

It is sent 15 days before the child’s birthday, as long as the latter has been registered in advance.

Birthday bonuses that coincide with the sales are automatically transferred to the first fortnight of the following month, from 1st to 15th March/September.

If the child’s birthday coincides with a sale and you want to acquire garments of the new season, let us know so that we can change the date on the bonus to enable you to use it earlier. In this case we will need to know the discount code you received in order to make the change.

When will I receive my discount code for total cumulative purchases?

The discount code is sent automatically once in six months (January and July) for 5% of the total cumulative amount of purchases made.

The calculation will cover all purchases that have no discount applied.

What will happen to my discount voucher if I return an article or if my order is cancelled?

If we are obliged to cancel your order for lack of stock, we would send the voucher back to you so that you can use it at a later date.

In case of a return, only the actual price paid for the returned garment will be refunded, excluding the amount of the discount voucher.

Why has the additional discount for members during the sale not been applied to me?

In the online store, once you sign in with your email and password, the prices you see already include the additional discount.